Behind the Paint Stripe

The Power of One

There’s a power in the number one. Some say it’s a symbol of unity, of the universe, and is the source of all numbers – a foundation, if you will. After all, you can create any other number, any other combination, by adding as many ones together as you need. In numerology-speak, the number one …

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Keeping the Commitment

  When it came to proposing to Loree all those years ago, Bob had a plan. He was going to ask Loree’s dad for permission. They would drive to a little, scenic spot on a lake near her parent’s home. He would ask. She would accept. All would be right in the world. You all …

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Fruit for Thought

Conversations and musings sometimes having to do with wine.

20 Degrees

  Im in the North Carolina High Country in July. Good friends bought a cabin here 3 years ago. They spend a couple months here every year and I try and join in for a week here and there. I wasn’t prepared for what was to be discovered. Avery County borders Watauga County. This is …

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Who Knew?

Who Knew? Maybe You? When I read, I traditionally choose historical fiction. This way I can educate or remind myself of the historical messages gone by and enjoy my story. I love little nuggets of information and fun facts. It’s easy to get caught up in the fads and rages of current pop culture.  Don’t …

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Good Pop, Bad Pop

Pop! A sudden noise that resounds of gaiety or fear and dread. Or perhaps a physical thing? Growing up in the mid-west we had big box stores similar to Target or Walmart. They were called Pop Shoppes. Inside were towering walls and rows upon rows of RC Cola, Mr. Pibb, Orange or Grape Crush, Fresca, Cream …

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Branching Out

Do you know why grape vines are trellised and pruned in certain ways? Well, I don’t know a heck of a lot about it either but apparently, it is important to let the sunlight reach the fruit clusters for ripening creating a balance between fruit and shoot growth which is helpful for the overall health …

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