O1V Share of White and Light Wine

Choose three bottles of white or lighter-style wines every quarter. 15% discount on additional.

$59.00 every 3 months

Wine Share Details

Choose three bottles of white and lighter-style wine, like rose’ every three months. Also receive a 15% discount on additional wine purchases, plus the following share benefits:

  • No-rush quarterly pickups.  Just stop by the farm market anytime during the quarter to select your wines.
  • Members may pre-purchase any wine in inventory at our website for pick-up at farm market locations
  • Receive your share discounts on all wines sold online or at the farm market
  • 10% discount on all other merchandise purchased online and at the farm market
  • No sign-up fee
  • Benefits start immediately

With this option, you choose three bottles of wine every quarter. This share is for fans of single vineyard, single varietal O1V white, and light-style wines. Sign up now and start experiencing share-member benefits now.  Access to our entire inventory, convenient and flexible pick-up, and great savings!

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