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Single Vineyard, Single Varietal Wine Growing, and Vintage Authenticity 


A date, a place, a love, a commitment

October One Vineyard or O1V is a 30-acre vineyard located in Bluemont, Virginia. October One commemorates our wedding anniversary and is meant to symbolize our commitment to high-quality grape growing. We are often amused at the parallels that can be drawn between marriage and nurturing a vineyard to express itself into quality fruit and therefore quality wine.

O1V wine is 100% estate grown on our Loudoun County vineyard. Our wines are made in very limited quantities with the strictest attention to high-quality fruit, artisan practices, and painstakingly careful crafting! Our team works very hard to do all that is required to assure that each vintage will express its uniqueness from the previous and show its fullest potential. Each vintage has an authenticity we strive to capture and bring to you.

We love what we do! We have over 15 years of experience growing, making, selling, learning about, and enjoying Loudoun County, Virginia wines. We feel incredibly fortunate and proud to be a part of Loudoun’s wine growing community and always look forward to sharing each vintage with wine enthusiasts.

October One...A date, a place, a love, a commitment!



Bob and Loree Rupy

October One Vineyard Virginia Wine Owners Bob and Loree Rupy

Our Philosphy

We are committed to crafting high-quality wines that express our terroir and the vintage year after year. We feel single vineyard, single varietal wines provide context to understand not only this place but the influence of mother nature on the vintage of a wine.



The Paint Stripe

The paint stripe on our label mirrors those on every end post in our vineyard, a different color stripe for each varietal grown.

The mark serves as a reminder of the importance of the work we do daily for our customers, the significance of the place where the farming happens, and our commitment to crafting quality wine begins.

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