Quick Facts About October One Vineyard

Why are you named O1V?

Our name, October One Vineyard, celebrates the owner’s, Loree and Bob Rupy, wedding anniversary

What does "Wine Without Walls" mean?

O1V does not have a tasting room at the vineyard. We sell our single vineyard single varietal wines at our Downtown Leesburg Tasting Shop and the outdoor farmer's markets in Loudoun County.

Where are you located?

Our vineyard is located in western Loudoun County, specifically Bluemont, Virginia. The O1V Virginia Wine Tasting Shop is located in the heart of Downtown Leesburg at 7 Loudoun Street, SW.

Where is your tasting room?

Our tasting room is at 7 Loudoun Street, SW, Leesburg, VA 20175. You can also find us at the Leesburg Farmers Market on most Saturdays and the Cascades Farmers Market on most Sundays, May through October

Where can I buy your wines?

O1V wines can be purchased at our O1V Virginia Wine Tasting Shop in Downtown Leesburg, Virginia, at local Loudoun County farm markets, our website octoberonevineyard.com, fine wine retailers, and restaurants in Loudoun County.

What grapes do you grow?

We grow Albarino, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.

Do you have a wine club?

Yes! We have three wine clubs, red, white, and mixed, fulfilled four times a year. Please visit our Wine Club page or ask about our club when you visit us at our Virginia Wine Tasting Shop in Downtown Leesburg, Virginia.

What does the paint stripe signify?

The paint stripe on our label mirrors those on every end post in our vineyard. A different color for each varietal grown.  Also, a reminder that the farming of great quality wines begins in the vineyard.

Have you won any awards?

October One Vineyard enters into only Loudoun County and The Virginia state Governor's Cup. We have received Gold and Silver awards for our wines each year in both.

What is Albarino?

Albarino is a Spanish varietal know for is acidity and Juiciness.

How do you pronounce Viognier?


Why can’t Bob remember your anniversary?

Cause he’s not a smart man (lol)