October One Vineyard Virginia Wine Club

Get Your Share of Loudoun County's Finest Wines

Join our family of wine lovers today and secure your spot in this limited production vineyard.

October One Vineyard White Lights Wines Virginia Wine Club
October One Vineyard Red Wine Club Virginia
October One Vineyard Wine Club Virginia

Local Pick-up, Home Delivery, and Shipping Options.


The Paint Stripe Wine Club

20% OFF O1V Wine With Your Membership

With the O1V wine club, you'll be part of something very special that's happening in the industry.

In addition to making sure we're meeting supply and demand for grape buyers as well as all those who love our vintage wines, membership will give members a head start on their benefits right out of the gate!

October One Vineyard has a limited allocation Wine Share program. We make sure we have enough wine for our club and enough grapes for our buyers. Our share members receive exclusive older vintages and popular wines in low supply.

As our wine club grows we allocate more grapes for wine vs sales.

O1V Wine Club - A Way to Enjoy O1V Single Vineyard, Single Varietal Wines Whenever You Want

October One Vineyard Virginia Wine Club Benefits

October One Vineyard Wine Club: An Innovative Winery for the Modern World

You may think a wine club is just for those who give up their evenings to sip the beverage from bottles with corks. But you would be wrong!

Our Wine Club program is similar to Community Supported Agriculture programs or even wine clubs because it provides members with benefits and helps predict, allocate, and balance production levels of both grapes as well as wines.

Our O1V Wine Club Program provides a simple and flexible way for share participants to enjoy our single vineyard, single varietal wine with flexible local pick-up, Virginia shipping, and much more.

O1V Wine Club Benefits

Benefits start immediately

No Sign-Up Fee

No-rush wine share pickups. Stop by any of the O1V farm market locations anytime during the fulfillment period to pick up your wines.

Free Home Delivery within Loudoun County

Wholesale pricing on some promotional wines*

Shipping options available for Virginia residents**

Pre-purchase any wine in inventory & pick-up at farmer's market

Receive your share discounts on all wines sold online or at the farm market.

10% discount on all other merchandise purchased online and at the farm market.

Your Wine Club charges will occur three times a year to align with our primary farm market season. Each season accounts will be charged on May 1 / July 1 / October 1.
During the wine club fulfillment period, we attend the farm markets every weekend, rain or shine, from the beginning of May through the end of October, so it will be easy to receive your fulfillment.

*This pricing promotion does not apply to Wine Club fulfillment selections
**Additional shipping charges may occur

Bob Rupy holding Wine bottle with Becca Pup by vines to represent the Virginia Wine Club

Our Online Store Makes it Easy to Join in Just a Few Steps

1: Choose your Wine Club 2: Choose your pick-up location or shipping option 3: Provide account and billing info 4: Click "Sign-up Now", and you're done! 

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