Good Pop, Bad Pop

Pop! A sudden noise that resounds of gaiety or fear and dread. Or perhaps a physical thing?

Growing up in the mid-west we had big box stores similar to Target or Walmart. They were called Pop Shoppes. Inside were towering walls and rows upon rows of RC Cola, Mr. Pibb, Orange or Grape Crush, Fresca, Cream soda, Dr. Pepper, Squirt, or Mountain Dew (not allowed) and so many others. Remember A&W Root Beer? There used to be A&W drive up fast food establishments where girls brought trays that perched on your roll down car window of root beer floats and burgers. When we moved east in the 1970’s nobody referred to these brands as pop. They were called soda or just their name. I was soo not cool if I referred to them as pop.  Any way the sound of a pop top was a source of joy for any child in those days.

Fast forward to current day the sound of a “pop” could be anything from a backfiring car, fireworks, or dreaded gun fire. I have over the years developed an odd fear of the “pop” sound.  Most strikingly I fear………….refrigerator biscuits. You know the kind that you have to peel off the foil wrapped around the cardboard cylinder? I turn my face away and clench my eyes as I ever so slowly press a spoon to the crease until the package pops. I always scream. I hate unexpected pops! I’m sweating.

Happily there are also soothing even tantalizing pops like the ones in early evening while preparing a nice dinner (one with no refrigerator biscuits).  The selection and anticipation of that perfect bottle of wine uncorked with. …Yes a “pop” that means a day well spent and relaxation well earned. Ahhh!


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