‘Twas The Night Before Christmas—October One Vineyard Edition

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas—October One Vineyard Edition

The wine: 2020 Cabernet Franc
Narrated by S. Claus (aka Kyle Zimmerman)

‘Twas the night before Christmas– ‘ol Santa was spent.
I was so ill-prepared for the year’s “big event.” ☹


The hustle and bustle had caught up with age,
(Should have given my elf team front–center stage!)


While the clan was on task (as I’ve come to expect),
It’s MY strength and resolve that I must resurrect. ☹


I DO groan each year that it’s time to retire,
Yet hold onto hope that my verve might catch fire.


Think positive thoughts—don’t succumb to frustration—
I trudged to the cellar to seek inspiration.


Perusing the racks in a quest for some fun,
Behold! Here’s a Cab Franc from October One!


The grape hails from the Bordeaux region of France,
With body and “pepper” that makes Santa dance!


“The most grown in VA!” I quipped with a smile.
This would surely ease my frayed nerves for a while. 😊


I cradled the bottle and glass in one hand,
And prayed that the evening would go just as planned. 😊


A quick pop of the cork, goblet filled to the rim—
I sank down in my throne, turned the lights to a dim.


A nose of bright fruits wafted throughout the palace,
As a lush ruby hue flowed into my chalice!


Light cola hints, a dense palate of berry—
My once “grinchy” state would soon turn to merry! 😊


Poured another full glass (just for good measure),
And dreamt of the ‘eve that we all soon would treasure 😊


As if on vacation, this juice was the bomb!
All worries were vanquished, my psyche was calm.


With grower Bob Ruby and winemaker Nate,
The midnight became clear—this Franc was first rate!


Pair this one with burgers, risotto or stew—
OR, sip by the fireplace (that’s what I’ll do!)


Time now of the essence; ‘twas no room for delay.
A quick check of my “lists” just downloaded today 😊


Stay true to yourselves, show kindness and cheer.
Merry Christmas to all…I’ll see you next year!