How does a winery without a tasting room distribute their wine?

Sunrise at October One Vineyards

“Wine Without Walls” is pretty easy to understand at its most basic level.

October One Vineyard does not have a tasting room. It brings the vineyard – and the bottles – to guests through farmer’s markets, online ordering, live at events, or in local restaurants and shops.

But how did October One Vineyard come to develop the “Wine Without Walls” to selling O1V wines?

“When we decided to do more than just grow grapes – to make wine and do single vineyard, single varietals – we also wanted to think differently, to come up with a different way to connect,” Bob said. Maybe there could be a limited production model. Or appointment only tastings. Couples only, perhaps?

Then it hit Bob and Loree – they could bring the vineyard to the people. You could have a vineyard, and wine tasting, without a tasting room. They could build a bridge from their farm, their wine growing epicenter, to the community – all without the walls of a tasting room.

Local Farmer’s Markets

So, they bought a tent and selected the words WINE WITHOUT WALLS written big and proud on its top and started signing up to farmer’s markets. It all made sense. Literally. The tent had no walls. The vineyard had no tasting room with walls. But there was still wine, still tastings, and still a way to connect with the community.

Wine without walls.

Plus, the farm markets felt like such a natural place to introduce and sell their product. The markets are a collection of agri-artisans and farmers and the team at October One Vineyard considers themselves wine-growers – bringing single vineyard, single varietal wine that expresses Loudon County’s unique sense of place.

October One Vineyard quickly expanded on the idea.

They now go out and about wherever they can in Loudon County. Beyond the farmers markets, they partner with local restaurants on wine dinners, participate in a local fair or two, and always are on the lookout for other interesting events and local places where they can connect with customers.

Sometimes, it’s about the customers connecting with the wine, even when Bob and Loree aren’t there. That’s the restaurant model, in a way.

Think about a couple out to dinner in Loudon County. They see local wine – October One Vineyard wine – on the wine menu. They ask the server about it. They explain all about O1V, the tasting notes. They’re intrigued. They order it. They savor it – all without the rush of being shoulder to shoulder at a tasting room bar. It’s October One Vineyard wine, on their time, without walls.

Soon enough, the October One Vineyard online store started to expand, too.

After all, you could say that fits perfectly with the model. The Internet doesn’t have walls, either.

Over the years, “Wine Without Walls” has become a talking point and an icebreaker. People ask what it means. It’s a conversation starter.

And the conversation always leads to one important fact – you don’t need a tasting room to produce good wine, and when you are out in the community interacting with people in different spaces, you tend to get to know people more.

“Just take the farm market setting,” Bob said. “The casual and open setting promotes a real connection between local producers and customers. We’re just out there. Outside. Bringing a local product to local people that are searching for it, Getting to know people and telling people about our vineyard, the varied vintages, our team, and the resulting wines. We enjoy and value this level of connection with our local market goers and wine enthusiast.

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